Be Gentle

When we veer off track, how often do we start to beat ourselves up: I should know better, Here we go again, I can’t believe I did THAT again.  Why is it that we expect perfection from ourselves?  All of life is a learning process.  In order to learn, we have to remain teachable.  We only remain teachable if we realize we don’t have all the answers.

I find myself at times veering off the path, more often than not I am not very gentle with my admonishment.  When I do this, it only makes matters worse.  Not only do I feel bad because I have failed to keep a commitment to myself, I add to it by verbally, emotionally and spiritually punishing myself for it. 

A much healthier way for me to correct some behavior that I am not proud of is to envision how I would speak to an infant.  Soft, gentle words, spoken with love and kindness.  Everyone knows that if you speak to an infant in a firm voice and use a harsh tone that the baby will start crying.  Is that the point of correcting our behavior?  To make us feel worse?  Of course it isn’t.  The point is to guide ourselves back onto a path that is healthier, happier and serves us better.

Where in your life today can you learn to speak more kindly when correcting your behavior?

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