Shut The Front Door

It never ceases to amaze me that I can go along in my life doing the same thing over and over and be perfectly contented with it.  Then, what seems like suddenly, it hits me right between the eyes like a 2 x 4 and I realize that I need to make a change.  A change that seems drastic and almost completely contrary to what I had been doing- It seems overwhelming.
One thing that I have learned over the years is that I don’t have to make a 180 degree shift all at once.  And if I try to do that, it won’t last very long.  I have to start right where I am at, and just shift my thinking/outlook/actions just a fraction in the direction that I want to go.  And from there, build on that first thought or action and soon enough, I am well on my way.  This enables me to start where I am at, and slowly accept the new way of thinking or being.
A great example of that has been the language that I use.  I used to swear like a truck driver.  F bombs were a regular part of my vernacular.  It never bothered me, until I started working in the ‘real world’ where I had to wear a dress shirt and tie.  Those environments don’t really lend themselves to a foul-mouthed newbie looking to make his mark in the professional world. 
I had to start where I was and make incremental adjustments.  “Shut the front door” is a relatively new phrase that I have learned, much more socially acceptable than the rated ‘R’ version of that same saying.  So slowly I learned to use my vocabulary skills rather than taking the lazy way out and saying the ‘f bomb’, d@mn, Sh!t and all the other lovely curse words that I learned growing up and watching Rated ‘R’ movies.
What I still haven’t figured out: why do I still giggle when I hear those words?  What is so funny about hearing someone else say bad words, especially in the movies?  But I digress.  Another thought for another day.
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One Response to Shut The Front Door

  1. Neeser D says:

    If anyone would like to quit swearing…..spend time with a three year old! They parrot every excitable word….especially the forbidden ones.

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