I Only Know What I Know

Today is a day when I want to focus on making the most of every situation.  It is so easy for me to get wrapped up in stuff that is none of my business.  Trying to control/manipulate/influence people, places and things that are out of my reach can be a very frustrating way to waste a lot of energy.  I think sometimes I do this to make myself feel better, like I am somehow making a difference and moving things into a direction to my liking.  Truth is, when I am trying to control outcomes, I am playing God, and that never leads anywhere good.

If I trust that everything is unfolding just as it should, there is no need for me to feel disappointed when outcomes aren’t matching my expectations.  Looking back through my past, there are many circumstances when what I wanted would not have been the best direction for my life, despite my unwavering belief at the time that it was.  So what makes me think that I know what’s best for me now?  I only have the limited information of my experience, strongly influenced by my emotions, and severely limited by my imagination and what I believe to be possible.  Surprise and amazement in my life has always happened outside of the ‘box of my understanding’, so I need to remember to be open to new possibilities. 

Looking at every situation and seeing the blessings in it puts me in a much better frame of mind and gives me a sense of peace and serenity.  Rather than focus on the challenges I am faced with as a leader of my church, I can appreciate that they trust me enough to lead.  The lack of communication and direction in my job can be seen as a trust in my ability to decipher what the next indicated action is and ability to be productive working independently.  It’s the proverbial glass half full concept.

Today I will focus on the good in all situations.  And if I don’t see it as first, I’ll be patient and know that it will be revealed in God’s time.
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