Multitasking…A Myth

I was trying to get my To Do list done today and in the process split my focus and energy between my priority and my tasks.  My son called for a chat, which we do on a bi-weekly basis, as I was on my way to the grocery store.  We began our talk and into the store I went.  Initially, I sat down at a table and gave him my full attention.  But it wasn’t a few minutes later that I was looking at the time and thinking I could be shopping AND talking to him at the same time.  So I proceeded to do so.

Here is my 20 year old son, calling his dad to discuss his life and I place more importance on a shopping list and beating rush hour traffic home the 5 miles I am from my house.  That wasn’t a very good decision on my part.  Upon reflection I realized I was only half-listening to him tell me about his relationship with his girlfriend, ideas to build his credit up, and potential jobs when he starts back at school for the fall semester.  And I really don’t feel good about my decision.

Now I have a choice again: I can dwell on that poor choice and beat myself up for it or I can forgive myself and recognize when I have the opportunity again and make a better choice.  Awareness of the options really is the key for me today.  And for today, I will choose to forgive myself and make a better decision next time.

It would probably be the right thing to send him a message and let him know that I was wrong to have not paid attention to him when we were talking.  I think it is rude when others do it to me, which means it isn’t right for me to do it to others.  If I make him my priority in life, then I need to treat him as such at all times.  I can’t pick and choose when it’s convenient for me when I am going to allow him to be a priority and when a shopping list and traffic are more important.

Today I will keep my focus on my priorities and not discount them by doing other things.
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