The Messenger

God speaks to me; the question is am I listening?  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hear voices in my head or see him imprinted on a Wal-Mart receipt, but rather he speaks through other people.  Today was a great example of that as a friend of mine took the first step in faith to visit another friend who has been isolating and in need of some visitors.  When he made the initial call he was asked not to come by, but he wasn’t going to stop there, and made another call to the caregiver station who insisted he come by.  I simply went along for the ride to support.

It is truly amazing to me when I step out of self and do something for another person how much I receive.  To go and knock on someone’s door who has already stated he didn’t want visitors, at a place you have never been to, with a fear of being completely rejected took a lot of faith and courage on our part.  I am grateful to have such a friend who was willing to make the visitation come together.  When we arrived our friend was not very comfortable, but willing to listen to a story and became more relaxed as the time passed.  By the end of the visit, he was sharing openly about his new home and the people that he has met.

While answering my inquiry as to the quality of food, he said it was good, but that his perspective of it was not.  How profound!!  Here I am blogging about perspective, believing that the real opportunity to see things as they are, or how you intend them to be with positive action in that direction, and a friend at an assisted living facility, with ailing health hits the nail on the head and shares that he knows it’s his perception of the facts, not the facts themselves that matter.  I was floored.  It was exactly what I needed to hear.  God speaks to me through others, and sometimes he asks me to walk through my fear to get the message; not to test me, but to bring me to the right messenger.

Today I will listen for the God of my understanding, wherever he calls me to hear.
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