That’s Why They Call It Practice

Let’s face it, when in the middle of the challenging situation, being level-headed and letting things unfold without judgment and fear of not getting our fair share is tough.  Last night my flight was cancelled which added 2 hours to my commute.  The part that irked me—it wasn’t the mechanical issue, but according to my calculations a revenue (or lack thereof) issue.  This was confirmed to me today when the return flight was cancelled as well.

Now who am I to say there wasn’t a mechanical issue?  My ability to ascertain the lack of butts in the seats on the flights re-booked?  Perhaps.  The boarding number assigned to me on the new flight?  Maybe.  My over-sized ego that thinks he has it all figured out?  More than likely.  LOL.

So here’s the deal.  Last night I could have focused on the inconvenience, the fact that I wouldn’t arrive to my hotel until after midnight and be waking to an alarm at 6:00 am for a very important meeting.  But rather, I chose to enjoy watching the U.S. Open live action on my laptop and getting caught up on some downtime.  It was a much better way to spend those 2 hours, let me tell you.  Plus, it gave a friend of mine an opportunity to help me out with a better boarding assignment and get caught up (friends in the airline biz are such a gift!!).

And in the end, I know things worked out just as they were intended to.  My meeting went very well, and I wasn’t as self-conscious as I might have been had I had the planned 8 hours of sleep the night before.  Being in acceptance was the key to allowing things to unfold as they were meant to be.  And I didn’t have to expend a bunch of energy needlessly on something I had absolutely no control over.  What a change from 7 years ago!!

Today I will be grateful for the plans that don’t go according to schedule!
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