Hot Mayo

When I take a moment, step back and look at the life that I am leading today it is pretty amazing.  I do not have need for anything that isn’t provided; I have a plethora of friends and family that love me and bring me great joy; and I am happy, healthy, and wealthy (in spirit and relatively in the pocketbook).  Yet there are still times when I focus on what I don’t have rather than that which I have been so richly blessed.

Yesterday, at hot yoga, I was getting into a really foul mood.  I was judging everything and everyone and really losing my focus.  In retrospect, it was due to the lack of a nap (because I still struggle to say to no to someone who is in need) and eating chicken salad for lunch, not highly recommended with the mayo before going into a hot yoga session, blach!!   So it was all about me.  My ‘this’ and my ‘that’ which caused me to start comparing my insides with the outsides of all those around me.  And then it happened, the shift, the change in perspective.

During the tree pose in the latter stages of the session, the guide asked us to express our tree, whether it was to gain something for ourselves or send positive energy out to someone who needs it more than us.  BAM!!!  Right between the eyes.  Instantly I thought of a friend who is having some medical challenges and I felt a rush of energy flow from my body onto her spirit.  It was one of the most amazing moments I have experienced in the 2 short months that I have been practicing my yoga.  It was powerful!!

It was just one more example of how often when I get out of ‘self’ and get into thinking of others, the amount of gratitude I feel for all the blessings that I have been richly given.

Today I will look for others who need my love and attention.
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