A Kindler, Gentler Way

One of the greatest lessons I am learning is that I don’t have to be the ‘bull in a china shop’ to protect what I believe is mine.  If I remember that all comes from God, and all belongs to God, then I don’t have to worry about this notion that I have to protect anything.

One of my biggest fears with letting go of that dictatorial style of management and leadership is being seen as weak or soft, and getting run over by others.  Through trial and error (and the love and support of those that I volunteer my time, talent and resources with) I am finding that slowly I am able to let go of the bull-headed businessman attitude and be more of the loving and compassionate person I express in my personal life to spill over into my career.  It is a slow process, but one I am working on nonetheless.  And having some pretty positive results I might add.

Not only does this relate to my business life, but interactions with others during my travels as well.  It’s easy for me to get defensive, irritable and even aggressive when I am run down from being on the road.  Airplanes, hotel beds and not feeling like I have a ‘safe place’ to rest and get centered can leave me a little worse for the wear.  But this certainly is no excuse to lash out at hotel doormen when they bark at me, housekeepers when they don’t have a firm pillow so I don’t wake up with a stiff neck, or a gate agent at the airport for a delayed flight.

I would like to think that my business life is the only area where I need to work on being more in acceptance and less in expectance, but that wouldn’t be honest of me.  Truth be told, I need to work on being more loving, compassionate and accepting of life on life’s terms in all facets of my life, and not just when I am getting what I perceive to be my way.

Today I will look for any area of my life where I am trying to impose my will on others.
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