The Plan

How refreshing it is to get confirmation on a direction and path. This morning I woke up to a voice telling me that everything is going to be ok. Even before I opened my eyes I reflected on this ‘message’ and felt at peace. A short while later I was checking my email and a friend had sent me a PowerPoint that spoke about being appreciative for what you have and not always looking for something else to make you happy.

God speaks to me in a myriad of ways, sometimes rather direct, in the form of an inspired thought or intuitive hunch, and other times through other people. I have been focusing on being more aware lately of those communications. God is present in everything that I do and everywhere that I am. Seven years ago when I first found sobriety, I was very apprehensive to speak about God and my relationship with Him. I worried how others would view me if they knew of my reliance and strong dependence on a God of my understanding. In reality, I have learned that this is just my ego talking, wanting me to remain in fear so that I feed it with extemporaneous materialistic and self-serving helpings of crap.

The calming messages to start my day were very much appreciated as I learned of more ‘restructuring’ at my company and that one of my colleagues had their position eliminated. In previous years I would have used that information to get pity from friends and loved ones and dramatized it for what falsely appeared as personal gain. Today, I know that it is all a part of a plan, one that God has in store for me. I believe today that God has a plan, the plan is good, the plan includes me and that I have nothing to fear. So long as I continue to do the next indicated thing, God will provide the outcome for a future of abundance and joy beyond that which I can comprehend at this time.

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