If Only…

Doesn’t matter whether you want to or not, eventually everyone has to grow up. Just because I have a son in college doesn’t mean that I’ve grown up; a career and title doesn’t mean that I’ve grown up; forty birthdays celebrated doesn’t mean that I’ve grown up. Growing up means taking responsibility for my actions, not looking for excuses as to why things are the way they are and making choices and living with the resulting outcomes.

Last night I was spending time with a friend and exposing all of my secrets of how I use excuses to not take responsibility for my actions. Recently my awareness of these excuses have been right up in my face giving me an opportunity to take a different path, choose a different action, accept my part in it and decide if I want that to change.

I was running the other day and went down a familiar path of childish thinking: if I won the lottery I could afford a nutritionist and someone to cook all my meals, then I wouldn’t eat fast food and I would get the 6-pack abs I lust after in others. Then it hit me, like a ton of bricks, right between the eyes. I could have that now if I chose to, but I’m not willing to be that disciplined with my eating and drinking. So what’s to say I would have the dedication and commitment even if I did get that maid/chef/cook/nutritionist? I would still want my Taco Bell once a week and craze sugar, and give in to that temptation. So I really should just own up to that and not make excuses for it. That was an extremely freeing realization.

Today I will look at the excuses I use in my life to avoid taking responsibility.

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One Response to If Only…

  1. Debe Knaack says:

    Substitute, create, strive and “make do”!
    Get a Crock Pot and Zip Lock Freezer Bags. and I will show you how you can make nutritious meals, freeze them and then “nuke’ them when you’re ready to eat.
    You are so frequently “God’s Gift” to me, if you would like to hear how I managed to work 8 hours a day, do my “church stuff” and still maintain a tasty and nutritious gluten free diet, I’m willing to share the information.
    If you ever stop “Growing” up down or sideways, lay down you’re dead. (AKA, stagnating!)

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