A Speck

Why is it that seeing others struggling with situations makes us experts on their problem, and solutions to them seem so simple, yet the same challenge in our own life appears to be an insurmountable hurdle? It reminds me of the Bible quote of pointing out the speck in a neighbor’s eye when there is a log in our own. Guilty as charged.

I don’t know that I so much think that I am in judgment of others when I see them struggling as it is a frustration over them not being willing to the work. I can totally relate to that. Sloth is one of my favorite of the seven deadly sins. I would rather play games on the computer; watch sports on television, nap, or just plain lounge around than do any work of meaning. And all of this in spite of overwhelming evidence that when I do the work of substance the rewards are tenfold. So really I should have empathy for those that are struggling to do the next indicated step that will free them from whatever addiction, malady or situation perplexing them.

Another option would be to view their pain as a motivation for me to work on those areas of my life that need attention to fulfill my intentional living desires. Taking a step back and objectively looking at my own behavior and activities that contribute to the blockage of the sunlight of the spirit could go a long way to becoming a step closer to my Higher Self. Just putting this down on paper and admitting out loud is going to help me to realize that action on my part needs to happen. No longer can I ignore or deny the facts as they are. Awareness is bitch like that sometimes.

Today I will do the work!!

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