The Road Less Traveled

So I spend a considerable amount of time working on a conscious contact with a God of my understanding, and more specifically trusting Him. All this ‘work’ to make sure that when the time comes that I need to rely on His direction and care, I am in the habit of it and it won’t be much of a struggle. Well, there I go assuming things again.

When the path you were on doesn’t fit anymore, and the path you are about to embark isn’t quite clear yet, there is the space between. And yes, for those of you keeping score, Dave Matthews is playing in my head right now. I fully understand that the path I was on no longer fits me, but the familiarity of it is still very alluring, mostly because fear of the unknown can be paralyzing at times. That’s where the faith and trust come in. I need to believe, and live out, a belief that I am not only in the protection of God, but His care. And the real key for me today is the caring part.

My desire to know prevents me at times from trusting and allowing events to unfold on God’s time. I heard in a meeting the other day that “God’s time sucks”, too funny. For those of us that are impatient, this really resonates. And the truth be told, I am ready for the path to unfold before me; I just don’t like the uncertainty of it. But then I am reminded that each time there is a significant change in my life’s direction, the results have been a blessing beyond that which I could have imagined.

Just for today, I will trust God, do the footwork, and leave the results to Him.

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