Only Halfway There

So lately I have been inundating my brain with positive, life-supportive reading and exercises. I have started to feel a change; it’s subtle, but definitely there. Yet when fear and doubt creep in, all I have to do is remove the lenses of my old life and start to view things for what they really are, not as I was taught they should be, to see all the beauty of this journey.

Recently I re-wrote my goals to be more action-oriented and lofty in nature, the very first of these goals is to acknowledge living joyously under God’s protection and care, experiencing exciting new opportunities. Focusing on this thought and the way it will feel as it manifests, three times a day, generally right after meditating, has already started to produce amazing results. A few weeks ago I water skied for the first time, what a rush that was!! The other day a friend called me up and said they want me to submit for a presentation at the upcoming Ignite Phoenix After Hours event, to talk about my crazy stories during my active addiction. And the reality of attending the 2014 World Cup in Brazil with my son and nephew is starting to take shape. Talk about the Universe responding!!

I am finding that more often than not the manifestation of my dreams and desires don’t look the way that I imagined, but they certainly do feel the way I anticipated, and more. It is more affirmation that the limited amount of success and joy that I can imagine can easily be surpassed by the amount of blessings the Universe has to offer. I have struggled most of my life to identify what it is and what it means to make friends. I longingly listen to people tell stories of compatriots they’ve been friends with since diapers, and wonder what was so wrong with me that I didn’t have those experiences. Then, the other day, it hit me like a ton of bricks: friendship is about what you can GIVE to another, not what you can get FROM them. My selfishness has always prevented me from seeking what I can add to, not take away from. It only took 41 years to figure that one out, but as a good friend so lovingly pointed out, I still have another 41 years to enjoy it!!

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