Ding Ding Ding

One of the most difficult concepts for me to maintain is being present. Staying right here, in the here and now, and not getting 2 minutes, 2 hours, 2 projects or 2 people ahead of myself. It takes constant vigilance to remain in the present and be able to offer all of me to any given moment.

Doing the next indicated thing is a big part of remaining present for me. The other night I was on the road for work and had planned on going to a meeting, a little R n R for my brain and a recharge of my recovery battery. As the time approached I could think of numerous things I could be doing rather than navigating my way to a meeting in a foreign city, sitting in a room with God-only-knows who, and having it result in an unknown outcome. But I know full well that EVERY time I go to a meeting I always feel better, more centered, more connected and am grateful I went. So despite all the distractions I could come up with, to the meeting I traveled. And just as happens each and every time, I felt fantastic after, and things seemed to be in perspective.

But the real reward of going to the meeting, and doing that next indicated step, didn’t appear until the next day. A text from a friend that they were in the hospital put me into action to go and visit. But had I not gone to the meeting the night before, I would have needed to get my ‘fix’, my battery recharged, some ‘me time’ to keep my path moving forward, and would not have been there for my friend. Ironically, as I was putting my luggage in the back of my vehicle, I started thinking about the tasks that I needed to accomplish and lost sight of visiting my friend, only to clock my head on the hatchback, giving me a great physical reminder (and a knot on the head and corresponding headache to boot) to focus on the task at hand and stay present.

Perhaps it was the loss of brain cells, or the extreme heat that finally got to me, but I was blessed to have an epiphany shortly after my visit to the hospital. In order to be available to be of service to others, I have to take care of what is immediately in front of me, and not procrastinate. Yes, there may be times when moving something to a later time or later date is appropriate, but when it’s simply because of sloth, I am robbing myself of an unknown opportunity for God to present me with something extraordinary later.

Today I will do the next indicated thing.

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