Taken Aback

When faced with the realities of life, there are always many different ways to view each circumstance. Recently I have been challenged with back issues that I had kept at bay for over a year. Now I can choose to focus on the problem, the pain, the discomfort and the inability to do things that I would normally do in my daily routine, or I can choose to focus on giving my body a rest from daily workouts and enjoy the time needed to rest and sleep.

One of the most difficult challenges when I am faced with a setback, whether that is physically, spiritually or emotionally, is to not use the situation to garner pity and to stay away from the woe-is-me syndrome. Everyone is faced with difficulties every day. There is no need for me to justify why I am, or what I am doing to anyone but myself and God. If I do get into a situation where I am justifying to others, then I need to look at the behavior or action, because it probably doesn’t jibe right with me internally. If I am ok with whom I am and what I do, there is no need to get that validation from any outside source.

With this recent back challenge, I am choosing to enjoy the time that I am able to rest and let my body recover. I am enjoying the time I have to spend resting and relaxing rather than running from calendar task to the next. I am choosing to spend more time in quiet communion with God, asking for His direction, knowing that I am under His protection and care. And considering that the physical difficulty I am facing could very well be the manifestation of some emotional challenge I have been avoiding, this time for reflection is perhaps exactly what I need.

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