The Sky Is Blue

I am finding more and more as I learn about living an authentic life that there are some very basic principles that serve as the foundation of such a path. One such axiom is that your perspective plays a greater role in how the world looks, and how facts are interpreted, than any other outside influence. For anyone who has been in a twelve step program, you know exactly what I mean-don’t you ALWAYS feel better walking out than you did walking in? But this isn’t limited to those who have had such experiences; we see it every day in our lives.

Getting some unexpected good news can change the way your view the world at that particular moment. Have you ever received a phone call from a relative sharing some joyous event to take place like a wedding or a birth of a child? Notice of a successful treatment for a disease? Remission of cancer? All of these will instantly help you to see that the sky just a little more blue, the flowers smell just a bit sweeter, or the birds chirping aren’t so much annoying anymore, but singing a pleasant song. Good news can transform our perspective. But I’m here to say that it doesn’t take an outside influence or event to change the way you see the world.

I’m becoming a big fan of meditation. And there are many forms of meditation that I experiment with: moving mediation with hot yoga, quiet meditation in the morning, afternoon and evening to quiet my mind and allow space for God to enter, and even the quite pauses I put into my daily readings to allow time for my soul to digest what I have just read. All too often I race through a daily reading to finish, and move onto the next task. I have found that when I pause after each sentence, and really give it time to sink it, the message is much more powerful. When I allow myself the time to move inward, rather than looking outward, my perspective shifts all on its own.

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