Can You Hear Me Now?

Today I am learning to listen, to my body, to my heart, and to others. It’s been said that we can’t learn anything new when we are talking, well, I just don’t believe that. Often times when I am speaking it ends up being something that I need to hear. But more often than not, to learn something new, I need to be listening to another person speaking, and pay attention.

Today I am learning to listen to my body. With the setbacks I have had recently, and the need to listen to and respond in kind to what my body is telling me, my level of commitment to being in tune with my body has skyrocketed. There are the basics: when hungry, eat; tired, sleep; lonely, find someone to talk to; angry, pause before taking action.

Being in tune with my body means that I pay attention to what it needs, especially when it comes to exercise. There is something to be said to ‘push through the pain’ and ‘no pain, no gain’, but when there is real pain, that’s my body saying ‘hey dumbass, there’s something wrong here, STOP!’ So I am learning to walk that fine line between the pain that is good for growth and the kind that can cause long term damage.

Today I am learning to listen to my heart. My heart wants to be loved, nurtured, cared for. And in order to get that, I need to give it to me. If I want to find more love in my life, I need to find more ways to love others. If I want to feel nurtured, I need to seek out ways to nurture others, and to do so without expectation of result. Just do it for the sake of doing it. This is how I will find that which I seek to make my heart feel satisfied and cared for.

Today I am learning to listen to others. It’s kind of funny to me, in certain situations I am really good at it. When on sales calls with my reps, I listen to what clinicians say (and what they aren’t saying) and cater my responses to their needs. I listen very carefully. But when it comes to friends, family or other loved ones, I tend to think I already know what they are going to say, and start formulating my next response before they are five words into their communication. Needless to say, this can cause problems.

So just for today, I will focus on listening for effectively to: my body, my heart, and others.

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2 Responses to Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. Debe Knaack says:

    Welcome to one of the benefits of getting older. Our bodies have been sending us messages for years and we haven’t listened. It would appear that we are reflecting on our “younger thoughts” such as; “It won’t happen to me, just once won’t hurt me!” Even though we learned “the hard way” that those thoughts are bogus. All you have to do is listen. If you don’t, your body is going to “kick your ass” and put you flat on your back! (Been there, done that more times than I’m willing to admit!)
    You have proven many times over that you “think on your feet” very well. Please DO NOT comment until the person has finished their thought. Example: “After long and careful thought and prayer, I have determined that we are too much alike to have a “workable” relationship!” (Pause) “I love you and need you in my life too much, to accept that. I’m going to start over being aware of that summation and realizing that we have too much going for us to not “give it another shot!”
    If you start thinking about your response at the pause, you’ve missed a crucial part of the statement.

  2. Jeffrey A. Lund says:

    Hey Greg Re: “Can You Hear Me Now” 12/14/12
    Each of your last group of five blogs has just pretty much “topped” the one preceding it.
    Not sure how long you can keep that up before being transported to another realm! But it is great!
    You are getting SO real and so “flipping” loving and working so hard to really pinpoint your true “uniquely-you” and newly discovered need to express and receive love (a need most human heart beat bet with and are born to crave). You are really getting in touch with your very deepest emotions. The ones that most people, (especially “macho men”)… like you, are normally too scared to look at.
    This heroic effort on your part- Of discovering and using your full emotional sensibilities, is, in this man’s opinion, going to prove to be one of, if not your BIGGEST personal strengths-
    For the rest of your life.
    One that it seems you have not really “tapped into” much yet, compared to all the other very strong people-building gifts and communications skills that you not only posess, but moreover, SHARE with others in profusion.
    Some of the TOUGH admissions and introspections you are doing (like admitting that you sometimes listen especially carefully with colleagues …yet at other times with family and friends, you might misjudge that which “you think you know” they are going to say)… Just speaks volumes about your honesty, extreme courage, and pure intent in such uncomfortable self-examination.
    It shows incredible strength. Strength so powerful that it inspires me to action. It actually imbues me with new a ability of my own, to make the same changes that you are making.
    “How the hell” do I thank you properly for that? – I guess I just let you know, as i am here, keep DOING what you are, and keep reading your new, evolving, super-power insights- So I can emulate those too. Oh, and just tell you flat out- “Thank You!”
    Much Genuine Gratitude,
    Jeffrey Lund

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