What Do You Mean?

I was watching Super Soul Sunday on the Oprah Winfrey Network earlier today (DVR in case anyone is wondering ) and I was reminded of the one truth that I know in my life today: if it feels good, do it. Now let’s not get all crazy and apply this rule in all kinds of absurd ways. But if it adds to, rather than takes from, and it feels good while you do it, then do more of it, whatever ‘it’ is.

For quite some time I have struggled with my job. It felt really good the first few years. Helping doctors and promoting a product line that I was proud of seemed to be what I was destined to do, at least at that time. But as the years progressed, and especially over the recent past, there seemed to be a loss of vision, a loss of purpose, it became more about the bottom line and less about helping.

When the Universe responded to what Abraham would call my ‘rockets of desire’ and I was informed that my position was no longer a part of the 2013 budget, a sense of relief came over me. It was as if a weight had been lifted and I felt lighter.

Now there are some housecleaning items to take care of: moving over of responsibilities and other loose ends to clean up, but overall, that lighter feeling pervades my life today. Yet the temptation to be vindictive and figure out ways to screw them over still seeps into my consciousness. The amazing part of is I recognize today that when those thoughts occur, a feeling of negativity hovers over me and suddenly I feel disconnected from the sunlight of the spirit.

I don’t have to know what is next for me, and I certainly anticipate that some fear and anxiety will approach over the next little while. The key for me today is to figure out what meaning I am going to give to that fear and anxiety. I don’t have to see it as a sign of weakness, but rather the dark parts of my past that I need to confront and walk through. Avoiding or ignoring them only allows them to grow and gain more power in my life, and today, that is not what my living is all about.

Just for today I will stay present and focus on good feelings.

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One Response to What Do You Mean?

  1. Debe Knaack says:

    Don’t obsess. This is indeed a freeing experience. “IT IS WHAT IT IS!!” To quote Jan & Dean (Long before you were around.) “That was yesterday and yesterday’s gone”. Yesterdays experience helped you to become the beautiful person that you are. It’s served its purpose. Let it go!!

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