In A Land Far, Far Away

Taking time away for vacation brings up all sorts of emotions for me. I realized while in the shower, my seemingly inspirational location as of late, that we all learn what we identify with the word ‘vacation’ from what we have experienced.

Vacation to me growing up was a weekend drive from Detroit to Sandusky, Ohio. We would stay at our relatives’ house the night before, and drive to Cedar Pointe in the morning for a day of roller coasters and fun in the sun.

As my world expanded and I made friends as a teenager, I would hear of their family vacations flying to Disneyworld or other places I thought were far away and exotic, but it didn’t bother me much. I was content with the small world that was my neighborhood growing up.

During my active addiction there was never the money, or the desire to spend the money on vacations where you actually went somewhere, so my perception of vacation was again limited to visiting family, with perhaps a day of fun mixed in. The concept of vacation was locked through the age of 33.

But then things started to change, a new identification was needed in my life. I’m not sure if it was due to peer pressure in the business world or just a longing for new definitions for many things in my life. When you reach a certain level of business success, the small talk eventually winds around to places you have seen and fun memories from vacations. It wouldn’t have been prudent of me to say that I didn’t go anywhere or do anything because that wasn’t my definition of vacation.

But then something started to shift. Rather than driving nonstop after that elusive success, I realized that there was a need for self care, which included a recharge of the batteries. This would mean unplugging and enjoying some of the fruits of my labor. But herein lied a dilemma; I didn’t know how to take a vacation.

So as I sit here, overlooking the Pacific Ocean after a long morning stroll and a chat with God, I may be starting to understand this ‘vacation’ thing after all. Then again, that would require completely leaving technology behind, am I’m not ready for that kind of leap just yet.

Just for today I will be open to a new meaning to the word ‘vacation.’

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One Response to In A Land Far, Far Away

  1. Debe Knaack says:

    A vacation in one Webster’s definitions is: “a period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation”. So re-create. Do what YOU want to do, no restrictions. This is YOUR time. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Stop running. FEAR …((F)___ (E)verything (A)nd (R)un)
    Let just “NOTHING” happen. You’ve played all kinds of games and did your best to meet (if not exceed) someone else’s expectations. “IT IS WHAT IT IS”!!
    Find out who that beautiful person we call Greg, has become!! Just discover. This is your time darlin’, go for it!!

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