You Better Hold On

Whether it’s the gentle nudge or the virtual two by four upside my head, God is ever-present in my life. The key to successful living today, is to be aware of this presence and embrace it. When I am not feeling connected, it is not because God has left, but I have turned away from Him.

I can be easily distracted with external stimuli. It doesn’t take much for me to look for comfort and happiness in a meal, a person, a job, or anything else you can think of. While the job and food are necessary to maintain a home and basic health, it is when I focus too much of my time and energy on these things that I miss out on what is really important. Balance is the key to maintaining my overall health.

During this time of ‘semi-retirement’, I have taken full advantage of being able to travel, to visit friends, and spend a lot of time away from my usual environment. This has led to some new perspective which affects every area of my life. Being open to possibility, not requiring a knowledge or expectation of an outcome, has led to some freedom, and some fear.

When I start to let go of what I think I know, and begin to experience new things under the protection and care of God, I don’t have to worry or plan or stress. I can simply take the next step and allow the path that is already set in place for me to unfold. This is true for time on vacation, and even for my next job.

I have come to realize that my attachment to so many things, and people, in my life are becoming a burden that no longer serves me. I need to have the courage to know that no matter where my body temple may be, my soul will always follow. So if I take care of my inner being, and focus on a connection with my Source, then I need not worry about the environment where I reside.

Life is a roller coaster, with ups and downs, twists and turns, loops and twirls. But if I am too afraid to step into the cart, and prefer to stand on the platform and watch as my life goes by rather than participating in the adventure, then have I truly lived? There is no mystery and excitement if you know what lies just ahead, but that is exactly how I have been wishing my life to be. Predictable, safe, expectant. But the truth is, life doesn’t work that way, and to try and live it as such is just plain insanity.

Just for today, I will hop in, strap down and prepare for the next mystery to unfold.

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2 Responses to You Better Hold On

  1. Jeff Lund says:

    Comfort zones and attatchments to people, places and things huh?
    Safety and familiarity and fear vs. faith and trust and love.
    Boy, I know that illusion and its effects all to well.
    Your take on it is just perfectly-timed for me right now.
    Life is a bumpy, winding, uncertain ride at timesfor sure.
    Just gotta hang on tight, have faith, and deal with it.
    Beautifully put. Thanks Greg.
    🙂 Jeff

  2. Debe Knaack says:

    Your personal expression makes “You can’t take it with you” very real in my mind. The end result of your efforts (aka pay check), provide for the physical necessities’. It’s up to you to take advantage of things that “you CAN take with you”.
    Don’t be too quick to throw out what isn’t “serving” you presently. Some things or relationships can’t be revived once you’ve thrown them out.
    Quoting Wally, “God is tenacious in his pursuit of you” You are the one thing that you CAN NOT run away or hide from.
    I rely very heavily on the calendar on my phone. If you don’t give an event presentence, write it down. If we always knew what was going to happen, we would be bored out of our minds!!
    You are the only one who knows what you want or what you think will make you happy. So as you pursue “your dream”, know that you are loved, by many.

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