Will the Real Greg Please Stand Up

“The authentic self is the soul made visible.”
–Sarah Ban Breathnach

For way too long in my life I tried to hide my true self. I was afraid that if people saw the real me, they wouldn’t like me. It has taken a number of years to begin to rewire my brain to believe otherwise. In my heart I know it’s true, that to be my authentic self is the only way to live; but my mind and ego try to convince me otherwise.

I am blessed to have a group of men that meet once a month for a spiritual gathering, to connect on a deeper level. My clan is made up of all ages, backgrounds, sizes, shapes and life experiences. But we all come together and share in a common desire to expand our understanding of spirit, however each of us define that.

These friends of mine have made me feel comfortable sharing out loud what mostly remains in the recesses of my mind for fear of being ridiculed, challenged, or rejected. Our world is not one where men are admired for their soulfulness, but rather their strength, agility and might. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge sports fanatic, ASU football season ticketholder, and a Detroit loyal to my Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings, and yes, even the Lions.

But in our society where the majority look down upon those willing to be vulnerable, especially men, it is a tightrope to walk authentically and not become a doormat at the foot of opportunity.
I understand there is a time and place for everything, and in my work life I look for opportunities to be exactly who I am; not always easy when sales is your business.

So I look for times, places and people where I can be my authentic self. I choose to surround myself with individuals who challenge me to be more authentic and more vulnerable, to be who God has created me to be: a kind, compassionate, sincere, caring individual.

My sponsor shared with me a quote from the Life’s Good line of clothing and accessories. It stated: It’s good to be important, but it’s important to be good. That pretty much sums up my life today, and how I choose to live it, one day at a time.

Today I will look for ways to be more authentic in all my encounters.

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One Response to Will the Real Greg Please Stand Up

  1. Debe says:

    I do understand that your chosen profession has presented you with the dilemma, of your behavior always needing to be acceptable. Your task then is to learn to turn off your persona, when you’re not “on”!
    You only share all of you with those you trust. Finding trusted friends to share with on a regular basis is exciting, but instinctively you’re always going to protect your “under-belly”, until it is proven that it is safe to be exposed!! You instinctively restrict the information that you release. Trust has to be earned!!
    Good Luck!!

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