It All Adds Up

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Taking things one step at a time is something I’ve been trying to learn for some time now. All too often I’m three or four steps ahead of myself, which inevitably leads to overlooking the present and some small details contained therein.

Living in the now sounds simple enough. All you have to do is focus on what is right in front of you. There is no need to bother with the past or the future. It may sound simple, but for me, it’s a monumental struggle each day.

I’m really good at planning things out. I can take a trip and plan it down to the finest detail: departure, arrivals, transportation, meals, etc. But living life each day planned to the minutest detail leads only to frustration and anger. The world doesn’t run on Greg’s time, there are other humans involved in how things happen, and many more things that are way out of my control.

Yesterday was a great example of the progress I have made, and that which is still to be ascertained. An email and subsequent call from my boss for some impromptu training nearly threw my whole day out of whack. I had time planned for unpacking the myriad of boxes of literature and prepping for my first day in the field, in addition to numerous other tasks. Having a 30 minute wrench thrown into my day in the past would have set me off on a mad scramble to get back ‘on schedule’.

But yesterday was a different kind of day. Not only was I able to field the call, stay present and really get some valuable feedback out of the process, I easily manipulated my calendar for the day to still accomplish a ton of stuff and get it all done on time. No added stress or worry was necessary to add to the mix.

Now the key is to remember what it was like to handle a moving target with such ease, trust that there is a plan by God, the plan is good and that plan includes me. And all will be right in my world and the amount of stress and tension I feel on a day to day basis will be reduced significantly.

Just for today I will stay in the now, roll with the punches, and be patient in my understanding of why.

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One Response to It All Adds Up

  1. Debe says:

    I find it helpful to make lists of what needs to be accomplished, on a given day. As the items are completed, I check them off. (Visual accomplishment)
    I am uncomfortable with the statement of “God’s plan”, implying that our lives are predestined & we must follow this “plan” to be happy or to obtain God’s approval. “God created man in his own image and man reciprocated!!” RDSW
    Good luck in your learning experiences.

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