Remember Me?

‘Most of our assumptions have outlived their uselessness.’
—Marshall McLuhan

A lot of times my job boils down to a confidence game. If I have enough belief in what I am saying about my product, the listener will be convinced to at least listen to me with an open mind. Then again, aren’t all sales like that?

Walking into many of the offices this past week and a half has been like déjà vu. I remember the faces, usually not the names, but enough so that I can move past the initial rejection and at least get an audience for my product line. And in sales, that’s half the battle.

Each of the offices have a different feel, so there are times when I need to make the assumption that they will remember me, or at least think that they do when I speak in a more familial tone and body language. It worked a few times today, even though the relationship before was not very strong.

But making assumptions can backfire, especially if I take for granted that I need to detail them on the product before moving to time in front of the doc. This has forced me to tread very carefully into the waters of the give-and-take which is all too familiar to anyone who has sold anything in their life.

This isn’t only true in my work life, but in my relationships as well. I need to make sure that my communication is effective and that the message being received is the same as that being given. All too often when assumptions are made in relationships it leads to complications down the line. And since it is so easy for me to dismiss any type of conflict for fear of having to deal with it, this goes double for me.

So I try and remember to speak to my partner with the same kindness and understanding that I would want to receive. This sounds easy to do, but when my sensitivity takes over, my first defense is a blunt-force-trauma offense, and that only complicates the matter.

Just for today I will say what I mean and mean what I say, being mindful of the recipient of the message.

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One Response to Remember Me?

  1. Debe says:

    “Assume makes an ASS out of U & ME”!
    What happened to the “I’m here to make your (and or your Dr.’s) life so much easier/better/more helpful/more efficient !” ?
    Conflicts aren’t always bad, in fact they can be very informative. For instance, I can never work very closely with you! You call it your “sensitivity” & I call it your “attack mode”!! Your “offense” triggers my “defense”. Not a pretty picture, in fact it’s a bloody mess!! (From my perspective anyway)
    Leave “your job” outside the door, when you come home. You are not a salesman, you’re just Greg!
    Can the manipulation tactics.

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