Divine Timing

“It’s always about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten.”
― Anna Wintour

All the worry in the world doesn’t change circumstance, but action and faith sure do. I have spent enough time worrying for the last 9 years to have worked another full time job, without pay it turns out.

A new career prospect presented itself about a week ago. All seemed to be in order until I heard back from their legal department that a non-compete would have to be released in order to formally receive the offer. Friday night I got this news.

I was determined over the weekend to not worry about it and just turn it over to God. If this was the place He wanted me to go, He would come up with a solution.

First thing Monday morning, I wake up to a notice that we had a department-wide conference call that afternoon. The writing was on the wall. This was probably what I needed.

Sure enough, the division was closed, my non-compete was released and the severance was pretty good.

But this blog isn’t about how wonderful things turned out.

It is, however, to talk about divine timing and what part I had to play in it.

I could have spent the entire weekend coming up with a ‘game plan’ to try and get out of the non-compete without giving my notice. I wanted to get paid through the end of year. But any thoughts of dishonesty were quickly dismissed.

Add on top of all this drama a potentially challenging Executive Council meeting at church following Sunday worship and I was ripe to send myself over the edge. Not to mention a rescue dog that had only been in our home for a few days.

I was determined to not get caught up in the drama and ‘what if’ scenarios. I wanted to be of service to others and trust that God had my back.

It was in the Sunday morning worship that during the Prayer of Confession I had my a-ha moment. I’m not sure if it was the prayer, the silence, or possibly the Holy Spirit descending on me right then and there, but it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I don’t need to figure anything out. I just need to stay present and the necessary gifts will come to me when I need them.

It was like a 50 pound weight was lifted off my back, literally it felt as such. And what do you know, it all turned out just fine.

I had a choice: to worry myself into making me sick, or trust and turn it over to God.

Just for today, I will remember to do the footwork and leave the results up to God.

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