You Want What?

“I don’t have expectations. Expectations in your life just lead to giant disappointments.”
—Michael Landon

It doesn’t matter how much work I do on accepting things as they are, not as I believe they should be; I end up expecting things to turn out a certain way. When I get into this state of expectation, inevitably, I am disappointed in the outcome, or relieved that it did in fact end up as I suspected it would.

It really is a surprise to me just how much my attitude has an effect on the outcome of my day. If I go into the day with an agenda and an idea of just how conversations, sales calls, or interactions with others in general will go, I end up feeling dejected and asking God, ‘Why does this happen to me?”

I think a better question would be for God to ask me, “Why do you think you know what’s best for you?”

Sure, we all want to be successful, however one identifies success, but truth be told, if I just change how I identify success, everyday can be considered a successful one.

For the last year or so, I’ve included in my morning mediation, six mantras, ok realistically there are five that are consistent and the last one seems to be a throw on:

1. I am living joyously under God’s protection and care, experiencing exciting new opportunities in my life
2. I am confidently moving into closer harmony with my Higher Self
3. I am learning to love myself more, just as I am
4. I am learning to identify success in different ways
5. I am spending more time in quiet communion with myself and God
6. (this is the iffy one that gets missed a lot) I am living my life interdependently, going internal for my validation

Some days I say them, reflect on them, and really feel them. Other days not so much.

One big thing that stands out for me is that I have the recipe to feel successful every day, but inevitably life happens and I fall back into my patterns of identifying success by someone else’s expectation or ideal.

Without fail, each day this week that I put pressure on myself to hit a specific number, I was miserable and dejected for most of the day. And conversely, each day that I started out putting my direction into God’s hands (and of course having to remind myself throughout the day that I did so and recommit to it), my day felt successful and I was more pleased with the outcome.

Just for today I will remember that my level of happiness is in direct proportion to how little I focus on the outcome that I believe should be.

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One Response to You Want What?

  1. Debe says:

    “It is what it is!” No more, no less.
    I pray for direction. I’m not a robot, God DOES NOT control what I do, unless I allow it!! I pray for direction in a path that will be appealing to God.
    Devine intervention? I do not doubt God’s capabilities, I just believe that God has put “the ball is in my court” and now “it’s my baby!” If I screw it up, I know God will help me get through the mess I MADE.
    I believe that giving the CONTROL of my life to anyone or anything except me, is a COPOUT! The serenity prayer is my coping method.
    Step #1 makes me admit my weaknesses, but doesn’t “let me off the hook”! I am indeed powerless over some things. Does God help me cope or is my faith allowing access to a God given ability?
    Affirmations are a great way to prevent negativity from getting into control. Keep it up, it works!!

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