Is It Really That Funny?

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”
—Woody Allen

Progress is a funny thing, especially as it relates to personal growth and development. Have a task list and you can see the check marks as you go along, a goal of saving money and your balance reflects it all along the way, but go internal and work on character and spiritual principles, and the progress can be as difficult to see as the sun in the middle of a haboob!

So last night was the big launch event for work. All the details had been worked out in advance. All the hard work and prep was going to pay off. And then a funny thing happened…LIFE.

When about twice as many as predicted no-showed at the event, I rolled with the punches. When the interpreter had heavy panting (think soft core porn) and was questionable on whether or not he actually spoke the two languages he was charged with, an amazing thing happened.

Typically when things don’t go my way I have one of three reactions:
1. I pout like a spoiled child
2. I get angry and look for a way to express it or someone to blame it on
3. I accept it as a part of God’s plan and move on (this is the one I’m still trying to grow)

So imagine my surprise last night when the wheels were coming off the bus, no one was grasping the interpreter’s interpretation of the presentation, and debates ensued of whether to pull the plug and put in someone off the bench. The most amazing thing to watch was our new clinical director, just as calm as can be, moving into position to try and help the situation.

I took a deep breath, and decided to pause for just a moment to allow a reconnection of a conscious contact with God.

I had my time with all three of my typical reactions. The pouting didn’t last long, not a good look for an event that I put together. The anger wasn’t going to do any good, as well as blaming, so I left that hot dog stand very quickly. And then there was acceptance. And I made the best of a very bad and awkward situation.

The realization very quickly that it wasn’t so much the bad interpreter that would deem how attendees would reflect on the circumstance, but rather what my reaction to it was going to be. So with the grace and dignity of my reserve tank, I put a smile on my face, worked the room as best I could having fun with the situation, and ultimately turned it all over to my Higher Power knowing that I am in good hands.

Upon reflection on the drive home, with the assistance of an amazing partner, I was able to see the growth as plain as day. I was able to take a potentially disastrous situation and make it an amazing window in the soul growth I have been working on so diligently over the last number of years.

Just for today I will appreciate the times when I am in the middle of a storm, and I can remain calm.

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One Response to Is It Really That Funny?

  1. Debe says:

    “It is what IT IS”!! How do you know that God planned it? “IT happens!!” “There is good in all people and situations, if you look for it!” Chock it up as a learning experience and move on.
    Your alcoholic behavior lingers on. Deal with it!! I’m glad you’ve found someone that won’t let you “escape”.
    What difference does it make if it was planned? God is there to help you, regardless!!
    You were given a multitude of “gifts”. You are the only one that can use them. Show the world those “pearly white’s”, lay out your salesman’s BS & go for it!!

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