Turning Back Time

“Social media demands a lot of us on top of our already demanding lives. So let’s disconnect as we need to and renew our interest and ourselves.”
—Simon Mainwaring

So the time has finally arrived: an eight day vacation with my man to Hawaii. I have been giving quite a bit of thought lately about unplugging, at least for a few days; leaving emails, texts, voicemails, social media, basically all forms of the electronic world behind for the duration.

During some last day at ‘work’ as the church Moderator, our pastor suggested I take a ‘connectedness vacation’. I guess I’m so entrenched with the rigmarole of my daily electronic fix that I had to ask what that meant.

Ironically, as I made a note early today on what I would blog about, the note read: ‘Vacation goal-disconnect-reconnect internally’.

So with all of the signs pointing in the direction of a retreat: time to reacquaint myself with Greg, and give attention to my partner, a book or two just for fun, and the sounds of the journey, I have made a decision.

Starting tomorrow morning, no texts, emails, Facebook…nada, zip, zilch.

Ok, now here’s the disclaimer, there isn’t any chance in hell that I can do it, LOL. At least I can’t fathom doing it for eight days. So rather than set myself up for failure, I am going to be more realistic.

So when we take our trip to Lanai for nights 2-4, no electronics, save for the daily meditation in the new 21-day Chopra-Oprah challenge. I’m confident I can be successful at that.

And as for the rest of the time I am in Hawaii, each time I reach for an electronic, I am going to ask myself: If I choose not to plug-in, what can I do to nourish my soul instead.

The result of this commitment is that there will be no blog posts for a week and a half. I know…big GASP!!! I hope you all can survive…hehehe.

So as of the morning, the only ‘plugging in’ I will do is to watch a few movies on the seven hour flight to Oahu, use my phone to call my good friend Wally when we land, and only use it to check flights to and from Lanai. Or better yet, to Lanai, I’ll leave the return flight up to Al.

Just for today I will be grateful for the time I have to disconnect—to reconnect.

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One Response to Turning Back Time

  1. Debe says:

    I hope that your “break” worked well for you. Discovering “who you are” is much more important than what we want the world to see.

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