Pile It On

“In the absence of information, we just to the worst conclusions.”
—Myra Kassim

Boy do I have a case of the Mondays today. It’s not that anything is going bad per se; I just have been fighting the negative Nancy in my head all day. It’s a battle that I am winning, but darn if it ain’t exhausting!!

I find it interesting that some days it’s easy to see the good in all things: the flowers smell more aromatic, the colors are brighter to the eye, and any hiccup is easily dismissed. I suppose it’s appreciating those days more that help me to cope with the ones where every event of the day reminds me of five negative experiences easily associated.

So I’ve made up my mind, rather than isolating into a shell so I don’t cause any damage that would require amends in the future, I am going to continue to engage the day like any other, with one main difference: I’m going to cut myself some slack.

I don’t NEED to get everything done today. Sure, there are obligations that have to be met, but if I get held up spending a bit more time on a task giving myself some positive affirmations to prevent the path of going postal to be set off, then so be it. The world won’t end if I set aside some non-essentials to do an extra meditation, or spend a few extra minutes loving on my puppy dog.

After all, life is very short, and should be treasured in every moment. And if I just try to plow through to get to the end, then I haven’t really lived today to the fullest, have I?

So yes, the person driving in front of me is an idiot, but perhaps I can forgive them just as fast remembering a time when I wasn’t the most courteous switching three lanes in the matter of one hundred feet to catch a turn I almost missed because I was distracted.

And sure, it’s annoying when I don’t get responses from folks on time-sensitive items, but really, I just have to remember: Not my monkey, not my circus. Does it affect me? Yes. Will the skies open up and the rapture come upon us as a result? Probably not.

So today is all about not catastrophizing a situation. It’s about dealing with what is right in front of me, with a bit more self love, and letting the chips fall where they may.

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