Twinkle Twinkle I See A Star

“When life give you lemons…pucker up!!”

Sometimes you just never know what will come your way. Staying open, positive, and adventuresome can turn a challenging situation into the opportunity of a lifetime. Little did I know today when I woke up to fog (yes, in Phoenix, a rare sight) that I would be delayed on my flight out, only to run into Al Roker and Joe Namath in the Admirals Club.

Now I’m not much of a celebrity hound, but it certainly did get my heart beating a little faster when I approached them both for a photo. Here’s the rub: I’ve been away all week this week and last for work, so the opportunity to go and hang out waiting for chance encounters with celebrities was nullified. So what did the Universe put in my path for my patience and passing on pouting? A star-studded flight delay.

Yes, God has a sense of humor, and He likes to show it to me in the most unlikely of places!!

I had a friend post on Facebook the other day screaming at the visitors to our town for not driving the way he felt they should. Focus on the bad, and what does the Universe say, “OK, here you go, you are right!“ But spend time relishing in the revenue pumped into our local economy, jobs created or expanded, with all the Super Bowl activities and suddenly that frustration turns into gratitude. What a great chance for a single mother trying to support her family as a waitress in a restaurant downtown, that had a usually average week turn into a gold mine with business quadrupled!

And then there’s the disappointment I felt when I didn’t have the energy yesterday to go to the NFL experience with my fiance because I was just too tired and needed to fly out again for work this morning. When I focused on what disappointment I may have caused, I missed the gratitude for a job that I love which requires me to travel so much, and provide for us.

So do I really think I have control over another person’s happiness? Because that’s just crazy.

When you get a chance today, take a fresh perspective on a situation that is causing you discomfort, and ask, ’Where is the gratitude in this, or the lesson I am to learn.‘ You just might be amazed by what you find!!

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