Two In A Row

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”
― Zig Ziglar

The abundance in my life is, at times, overwhelming. When I remember to stay in the present moment, and not get ahead of myself, all just seems right with the world. When I spend time on that which is outside of my hula hoop (circle of influence) I get stressed, petty, and uptight.

I often ask myself why one day I can be as content as can be, allowing challenges to roll off me like raindrops on an embrella, and other days that same moisture can saturate all the good feelings that can be the predominant mindset for me. While there is some scientific explanation having to do with sleep pattern, diet, and unresolved concerns still outstanding when my head hits the pillow, the bottom line is I am only as happy as I choose to be…period.

I noticed this today, when I managed to have two consecutive ’good‘ days, which is non-existent in my recent memory.

It’s not that challenges didn’t arise; I just chose not to focus on the pieces of my reality that didn’t add any value. Namely, I chose not to pay attention to the constant negative chatter that can accompany my waking hours, and instead, pay mind to something a friend of mine said to me before I headed out this week for work:

“How great it is that you get to share your sales skills and positive attitude with so many of your team members.“

Wow, what a different perspective than shifting attention to the travel, hotel beds, and living out of a suitcase.

It is a blessing that I get to help my team members provide a good living for their families, and know that they are providiing a great service to our customers. When this is the predominant thought for me and my team, what we do has meaning beyond the numbers and beyond the paycheck. It is a satisfaction and quality of life that can’t be measured in a bank account.

So for today, I will be grateful that I am entrusted with such a wonderful opportunity.

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