Easter Prayer

Let us join our hearts and minds into a moment of prayer as a community of faith.

During this day of re-birth God we ask that you aide us into a place of new growth to be of maximum service to You and to our fellow. Help us past our own borders we have drawn against any other, and to be more open, more loving, more kind, more at peace with our brothers and sisters.

God, as prepare ourselves for another week of social justice and being the hands and feet for You in the world, we ask for Your strength and guidance to seek out Your will in our life. Let us prepare our space, our hearts, and our community for Sanctuary, knowing that all are God’s children. There are no borders in God’s world, only the one’s we draw on our land, in our hearts, and in our minds.

God in Your Justice and Mercy:
Hear our Prayers

Peaceful and loving God, as we witness an ever-increasing beat of the war drums against Syria, North Korea, Russia, and elsewhere around the globe…open our hearts to the mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, grandparents and orphans, all who gather in a moment of prayer as we do now, wanting peace, and love to be the way forward, so that they may feel our love and commitment to peace. May we look inward and see where we personally are beating our own war drums against a political party, an opposition issue, a neighbor who doesn’t keep their yard ‘just so’, or even our friends who don’t quite see it our way. May we set aside our own demand for being right, and look to this New Day as a way to begin anew, to release the anger, the hurt, the disdain, the pain, the anger…and embrace love, tolerance, and understanding as you have taught us.

God in Your Compassion and Mercy:
Hear our Prayers

Ever-Knowing, All-Seeing, and Eternally-Giving God, we come to you humbly grateful for the tremendous blessings that you have given to each of us individually and to us collectively as a community of faith. Let us not take for granted the warm embrace of loved ones when so many are alone, a full belly while others starve for a meal, having our needs met when so many cry out in pain and despair. May we use our gifts for the furtherance of Your light here at the corner of Second and Willetta and let it shine forth throughout the world so our beacon of hope can be carried by each one of us into our homes, our work, and every encounter with others throughout our week.

God in Your Peace and Mercy:
Hear our Prayers

Now let us take a moment in reflection and silently lift up our own concerns and prayers to God…
God, we know that You hear all of our prayers and concerns, the ones voiced within and those yet to be recognized and acknowledged.

Help us to love… just a little more,
Give of ourselves… just a little more,
Accept one another exactly as they are… just a little more,
and be a brighter beacon of your life and light…just a little more…

And the people of God say: AMEN

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